Caustic Soda 2013

June 07, 2013

Hall «Vladimir»
Hotel «Baltschug Kempinski Moscow»

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Creon Energy has the pleasure of inviting you to the Seventh International «Caustic Soda 2013» Conference. The event will take place at Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow on the 7th of June.

1,094.4 thousand tons of caustic soda was produced in Russia in 2012, which is a 5% increase compared to 2011. Local consumption of caustic grew 4% and reached 909 thousand tons. Imports reduced to 35.6 thousand tons. 221 thousand tons of caustic was exported, which made about 20% of total output. Meanwhile, the share of export in solid caustic exceeded 60% of the volume produced, whereas the share of export in liquid caustic fell to 14%.

«Caustic Soda» Conference has established itself as a significant meeting platform for the industry, providing communication, information exchange, tools for decision-making and for elaborating further development strategies. The 2012 event revealed the shortcomings and negative developments in the chlorine industry as a whole. Correspondingly, the key problems of producers and consumers of caustic were voiced and heard by all market participants, including government bodies, which allowed to ease the tensions between the stakeholders. The new configuration is needed in the market since long, and the 2013 event will serve as an additional impetus for setting up the renewed market model.

In our opinion, the chlorine industry has all chances to be a well-performing part of Russian economy. The practical steps on the way of modernizing caustic soda production should include introduction of advanced energy saving technologies, implementation of drying processes for cost-saving in transportation, development of new export destinations. Stimulating consumption growth in main industries such as chemicals, pulp and paper, aluminium, and power generation is another important factor for market development. These are the issues of key importance to be discussed at the forthcoming event.

We invite producers and consumers of caustic soda, trading companies, representatives of government bodies, engineering, scientific organizations, - all the parties interested in the future of chlorine industry, - to get together at «Caustic Soda» Conference for taking coordinated decisions.

The Conference traditionally enjoys participation of the following companies: Alliance Energy, Chemetics, Chemianlagenbau Chemnitz, ChemImport, ChemProm, Chem-Trade, ChemTradingGroup, Dneprazot, Dow, HaloPolymer, Impex-Chem, Komen, LUKoil, Nikochem, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Novomoskovsk Chlorine, Oxyde, Regionenergoprom, Ruschlor, Rusvinil, Sayanskchemplast, Siberian Generation Company, Sibur, Skoropuskovsky Synthez, Soda-Chlorate, Transchemical-Express, Xinjiang Tiany Group etc.

For additional information about the upcoming Conference please contact us at: +7 (495) 797-49-07 or by e-mail:

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