15 years of trade events. 700 conferences. 50,000 participants. 2,000 topics. 3,000 solutions. All this is the capital of Creon Energy, INVENTRA and Creon Chemicals as consulting companies within the CREON Group. 

In April 2019, the Group was restructured: the new subsidiaries were established and the existing ones were expanded. From now on, all international conferences are run under a single brand, Creon Conferences. The experts will cover topics across hydrocarbons, plastics and chemicals, and as before, more than 40 high-profile events will be held annually for market professionals. The team of professionals who are well-known to the market since long, will continue their work, with each expert focused on a specific topic.  

We are shaping the future of the oil and gas processing and related industries by solving problems and finding promising ways of development, and we are rightly proud of our contribution to the Russian and global economy. We ensure quality, reliability and open dialogue between representatives of Russian and foreign businesses and government agencies.